Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve!

We stayed in this year for New Year's Eve, which I guess we usually do anyway. This year, Sam and Liz (my brother and sister in law) had their niece, so we invited them all over, along with Keenan, to watch movies, eat junk food and play board games. We never did make it to the board games...

Around 10:00, Dana said, "I'm tired. Let's go lay in your bed." And so we did. She fell asleep right away. Around 11:00, Kevin took this picture of the big kids snuggling. Don't you love the multi-use capabilities of the bean bag chairs? Awesome!

This was around 11:30pm. Keenan and Diogi, my brother's pit bull, were asleep less than five minutes after this was taken. Nora and I have the same opinion about dogs: we like them from a distance. We do not like dog smell or dog spit. Obviously Keenan and Taylor do not share this sentiment. Then again, I have been known to get a bit cuddly with Diogi. He is a particularly sweet dog and he is hard to resist.

The Acker motto for the new year? Everything will be fine in 2009. *

*This motto is not official and has not been sanctioned by all members of the household. That being said, we are ALL confident that this will be a kickin' year.

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