Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Resolution Gone Awry

Allow me to gripe about my New Years resolution for a moment.

I have a really bad habit of using almost all of something and then moving on to the shiny, new replacement while the last bit of the first something sits taking up space in my much too small house. For example, I have three different kinds of shampoo in the bathroom right now. They are all close to gone. Rather than buying new shampoo, I need to use the last of all of those bottles. Got it? Already this week I have used the last of three bottles of dishwasher detergent and three boxes of cereal. I am giddy about the storage I have regained! Just think of the possibilities!

So yesterday I saw the remains of the yarn I used to make Dana's legwarmers. Just sitting there, taking up space in my overflowing yarn basket. So I thought it was time to use up the leftovers on a matching hat. Cute, functional and again with the regaining of space. Except you know what? It wasn't enough yarn to make a whole hat. Nope.

Nora thinks the hat looks fantastic with the needles poking out. She thinks I should let Dana wear it as is. Um, no. Sorry.

So this is how much yarn I have left. I have to knit the stitches on one more needle with the rose yarn, which I am out of. And there is not enough of the periwinkle to finish more than one or two rounds. I have eight rounds left. I am stuck. I am paralyzed with indecision!

I feel I have three options here:

1) Tear it all out.
2) Find something in my yarn basket to finish it with.
3) Buy more yarn in these same colors and finish it .

Option 2 makes the most sense, except that this hat is supposed to match the legwarmers, so adding a third color will mess that up. Plus I know that the only color I have in this weight is black, and black seems like the wrong color to add to this hat.

Anyone want to share an idea or an opinion? I do really like this yarn and would not be opposed to making something else with it. So buying more is kind of OK with me. Except that it defeats the whole purpose of using stuff up that I already have. Darn that resolution!

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The Earl's said...

you can tell me you don't have white or another color to coordinate to finish it off! Use something, like gree if you have too :)