Monday, January 12, 2009

The Hat and the Legwarmies and the Shed

Remember a week or two ago, when I was complaining that I was trying to use up yarn by making a hat for Dana to match her legwarmies, and I ran out? Well, I decided to just buy more yarn. I know that rather defeated the purpose of using up yarn, but in the end, the matchiness won me over. The thing is, Dana will be four in March. Soon, she is not going to let me have anything to do with her wardrobe choices. I mean, just look at Nora: when she is putzing in the morning, refusing to get ready for school, I threaten to select an outfit for her and, before I can get the entire sentence out of my mouth, she is at her dresser with jeans in one hand, digging through her shirt drawer. Because God forbid I should have any involvement with her outfit! Plus, I really like the yarn. I am not going to be disappointed to have more of it laying around. It is lovely to knit with, and it is so soft! And the colors are actually very nice, for purple and pink.

See? Don't they look pretty cute together?

So that was all good and lovely. I finished it on Tuesday night. We got up Wednesday morning and I showed it to Dana, who pointed to her forehead and said, "It makes my heads itch." Heads? And so, after ECFE, we went to the fabric store, where she selected a beautiful flannel print to line it with. The girls went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Saturday afternoon and did not come home until Sunday evening, so I took the opportunity to find an online tutorial on how to line a knit hat. And it came out OK.

Dana tried it on when she got home and it still fits-phew! I was worried it wouldn't, despite the care I took in measuring and all. And when I asked her if it is itchy, she said, "Not anymore!" and pranced off wearing it. Success!

On a totally unrelated note, we have had a ridiculous amount of snow here over the past couple of weeks. Kevin has had to blow out the driveway like five times. And you know where the snow ended up? That's right-in front of the shed. And you know what is stored in the shed? The box that holds our 7-foot tall artificial Christmas tree, of course! When I finally realized the situation last week, I figured it was my own fault for telling Kevin that this is the first year I don't feel like the tree is in the way, and I was not in any rush to take it down. Until I figured out that I COULDN'T take it down, that is. See, I tried to shovel through the snow but it was packed so hard and was so crusty that I actually broke the shovel. So I was trying to psych myself up for a Valentine's Day tree, followed by an Easter tree. Dana and I actually looked at Valentine's Day garland and such but I wasn't ready to totally admit defeat yet. And good thing! Because Kevin went out and shoveled around the door without breaking anything. And then he went out again and actually got the door open and lugged the box in. Yay Kevin! So our tree is down and Christmas is officially over in our house. And I am happy.

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