Friday, January 2, 2009

My Rockin' Platter

So I was upstairs supervising Dana in the tub this morning, when Nora ran up to tell me someone was at the door. Turns out it was the mailman. He had brought up the mail and a box addressed to me! Yay!

The box was from my Aunt Sol. I initially thought it was a book but as I unwrapped it and felt how light it was, I became puzzled. And then I unwrapped it and my face was made out of sunshine. I swear it was. Because Aunt Sol read here on my little blog that I only have that one platter and it is pink and shaped like a heart, so she thought I should have another one. And my Aunt Sol-she always knows exactly what to get for people. She always has. More on the platter in a second.

I had been meaning to bake some cookies, so the girls climbed onto the counter and mixed them up so I could pose some fresh cookies on the platter. That is how much I love it. Really.

Here is a closeup of the platter. And the cookies. The cookies are nothing special-just Toll House chocolate chunk. I mean, they are tasty, but they are nothing new or creative or anything. But the platter-it is so cool. It is made out of recycled plastic! Like 100% repurposed plastic. The little flecks/specks are other plastic items. It is so fantastic! I am in love with my new platter. And the company name is Zak!, which is funny because my nephew is Zak. Same spelling and everything. And he is the bestest, so of course something this cool would share a name with him.

I mentioned previously that Jessica was in town on a visit. When I went to say good bye yesterday, she handed me this bag of coffee beans. See, last time I was in New Hampshire visiting her, I bought Kevin a bag of local coffee. And when we got back to Jessica's house, we accidentally opened it and brewed up a pot. And she is so nice that she brought me a new, unopened bag to enjoy. Which I will, with my fresh cookies on my fantastic platter. And the mug? It is my favorite. It actually belongs to Kevin, but since I bought it for him I can claim it if I want to. He has had it for about twelve years. The cool thing about it is that when you put something hot into it, the Star Trek guys transport away and become invisible, only to reappear when your drink has cooled. This photo makes me smile because it makes me think of three of my favorite people. And now I am off to brew my own pot of New Hampshire coffee and eat some cookies before I round up the girls to go bowling with Auntie Liz and her niece, Taylor. Happy treating everyone!

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