Saturday, April 4, 2009

Girls' Night In

Tonight is Girls' Night In at our house. Nora, Dana and Mama are hanging out together.

Here's Nora, taking her turn at Princess Yahtzee. That Disney sure is everywhere!

Dana takes her turn. Do you like her crown? Dana's all time favorite restaurant is Burger King. She will eat an entire BK Veggie Burger and a bottle of milk. I have a feeling she and my grandma, Great Emma, would have been the best of friends. Great Emma also loved Burger King. Also, Dana says "birthday" exactly the same as Great Emma did. It sounds a lot like "burrs day." I smile every time Dana says "birthday." It's like my grandma is saying "hello!" to me.

After two rounds of Yahtzee, we took a break to paint our toenails. Nora selected this fancy blue polish while we waited for a prescription to be filled the other day. I did their fingernails, too, and then I let Nora paint my toenails. They look fantastic!

I am off to tub them. Did you see Dana's chin in the photo above? She somehow got green marker all over it. We need to wash it off before bed. Happy Saturday!

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