Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kevin and Grandma Bev!

April 19 is a day of celebration around here as it is both Kevin's and Bev's birthday! Isn't it cool that Kevin shares a birthday with his mom? (Even stranger, I share a birthday with Bev's mom, and Kevin's brother David shared a birthday with my Grandma Emma. And my dad and Grandpa Adonis shared a birthday, too. Are we codependent or something?)

Nora took this photo of the birthday kids. Not bad camera work!

Nora and Dana made birthday crowns for Kevin and Bev, and party crowns for the rest of us. They even have our names written on them! Handmade personalized party hats-awesome!

Did I mention somewhere that Jan and Ross invited us over for a birthday barbecue today? It was amazing-Ross has a way with that grill. My job was to bring cake. Kevin requested white cupcakes with buttercream frosting: plain but delicious. Blue is his favorite color. Not powder blue, but it was the best I could do.

Bev and I both love Bridgeman's Raspberry Fudge Torte ice cream, so when she said she wanted chocolate birthday cake, I knew this was the cake for her. I myself was a little diasppointed with the cake itself and will work on a better chocolate cake . However, the chocolate orange ganache and the raspberry cream on top were both divine. If I do say so...

Jan set up a tea party for Nora and Dana in front of the fireplace. How cool is that? She set out tiny teacups and saucers and a pot of hot cocoa. I believe they drank THREE pots!

Nora took this shot of dinner from the balcony upstairs.

I couldn't capture every piece of the fun on camera. Jan and Ross threw a fantastic bash for our blondes.

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