Thursday, April 9, 2009


Dana got a gift card for her birthday, which is always a wonderful surprise. Both girls really love to select something for themselves, and they take such care! We spent a long time going up and down the toy aisles at Target, and nothing was really sparking her interest. Finally, I suggested we go look in the garden section, only because I wanted to see what they had and I was bored of the toys. And you know what? She spied some kids gardening things and she was sold. Just like that. She picked a watering can, a spade, and one of those tiny rakes. They are all pink, and all lovely. She was absolutely thrilled with her selections! So we continued on the theme and picked out four or five packets of seeds. Then we headed to Home Depot to grab soil and one of those seed starter things.

And even though this was Dana's gift, she was happy to share with Nora. You can see Nora using the watering can (which is actually green with pink and yellow flowers-sorry) on the overflow. We ran out of room in the seed starter, which holds 50 seedlings, and had to raid the recycling for containers.

Here they all are, just waiting to grow. We planted morning glories, tomatoes and cucumbers. We also bought mammoth sunflowers, but we ran out of space. Completely. So we will sow those directly in the ground in a month. Or else two months. You know how the weather is up here...

Ta-da! Only a few days later (I think five) the morning glories and the cucumbers were well on their ways. We're still waiting on the tomatoes, but we think maybe it takes baby tomatoes longer to wake up.

We are looking forward to a fantastic vegetable garden this summer.

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