Friday, April 10, 2009

More Spring Break Fun

With the weather warming up and the warm sun shining down, we have spent a lot of time outside this week.

This is probably the favorite activity: riding bikes around the garage. Sometimes they set up obstacle courses. Sometimes they go in opposite directions. Sometimes they prefer the garage doors closed. The fun never ends! They usually have helmets on. Don't you love the parkas? And Dana's fancy dress?

When they aren't in the garage, they are often inside coloring. Here, they work on a cooperative project. Dana drew most of a dinosaur, and Nora finished it and colored it in.

Nora enjoys using Daddy's camera to snap photos. I deleted about 50 photos of the floor and the cover of Nora's new favorite movie (more on that later). She took this one of Dana, which is pretty great, considering she has no idea how to focus.

And can you believe this self portrait? I love that you can see the freckles on her nose and all of her baby teeth. I know those will start to get loose any day now.

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