Monday, July 13, 2009

Bubble Foam

I really love Family Fun magazine. I have been a subscriber for the past few years and have tried many, many projects and ideas.

The latest issue arrived in my mailbox on Saturday and we didn't waste any time testing out a new way to blow bubbles.

Basically, you take a plastic beverage bottle, one that has ridges, and cut off the very bottom with a sharp knife. Make sure there are plenty of ridges left on the bottle.

Next, cut a piece of old terry towel a few inches bigger than the bottle bottom. Attach it to the bottle bottom with a rubber band. The ridges will prevent the rubber band from popping off. Trust me-I learned the hard way. Which wasn't actually that hard-just wasteful of two ridgeless bottles. That were in the recycling bin anyway.

Dampen the towel, dip the thing into some dishsoap and blow through the bottle top. As you can see, fun foamy bubbles come out in a long snake.

Dana thought it was fun to catch pieces of the foamy snake and blow them off of her hand.

This kept the girls busy for about half an hour, and I am sure if it hadn't been so windy, it would have stayed fun for even longer.

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