Monday, July 27, 2009

Canal Park

On Friday morning, we went to Canal Park with some friends.

We were lucky enough to see a ship go through the canal, which is fun on many levels. There was waving, there was awe over the bridge itself (the Aerial Lift Bridge can raise to its full ship height of 138 feet in less than a minute), and there was astonishment over the length of the ship.

Afterward, we spent some time on the beach, throwing rocks in and testing the icy water.

Isn't this a fun photo of Keenan? Maybe he's doing yoga. Maybe he's winding up to throw a rock far into the lake.

These two are so funny. Our friends are 2, 3 and 4, and these big kids had better things to do than hang out with the wee ones. They shared secrets in hushed voices, waded into the water and generally kept their distance from us.

Dana found a ladybug on her knee and transferred it to a stick. She thought it was really neat and wanted to take it home for a pet.

We eventually made it to the fountain and spent half an hour walking on the path and playing in the shooting streams.

This was the first time we visited Canal Park this year. Is that sad or what?! (And on a side note, I sure wish my keyboard had an interrobang.)

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