Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lounging in the Pool

My parents are always busy with a new project in their yard. If you've been to their house, you know that their yard is their number one hobby.

Right now, they are working on making concrete pathways in various locations, such as to the sleeping gazebo and to the swimming pool. The girls think they look like fairy paths, so that is what they are called now.

I know what you were thinking when you first read about concrete pathways. But look! They are so cute! They are using a form of some sort, and it makes sort of a cobblestone pattern. My mom is in charge of coloring them. She is using milk paint. I am not sure if she is sprinkling powder on top and blending, or if she is actually mixing it into paint and pouring it over the top. I guess that will be her secret. At any rate, this path goes from the gazebo to the pool, and the children are much appreciative. This path used to be a combination of sharpish rocks and wood chips. It wasn't great for walking barefoot, which is usually how they walk to the pool.

We found these inflatable tubes at Menards the other day. They are quite fun, and take up less space than the inflatable mats they initially wanted. Nora enjoys learning new tricks with the tubes, such as diving into the middle, or flipping it over and swimming back up through the middle.

Dana likes to warm herself in the sun. This is the life!

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