Friday, July 10, 2009

Butterflies and Popsicles

We haven't been up to anything specific lately. Nora and Keenan were in a summer clay class, we've been in the pool a lot, we sleep in most mornings. So here are a few photos from our random days.

Kevin got this nice shot of the fireworks.

Both girls love butterflies, but Dana spends hours chasing them around with her net. Here, she smiles at one she actually managed to catch.

Nora must see this for herself. As soon as Dana shows us a catch, she releases her new butterfly friend. She knows butterflies must be free.

I thought her clothing selections were pretty cute, so I asked her to look at me so I could take her photo. This was her response. I think those great big eyes are saying something like, "Gimme a break! I'm just trying to eat my popsicle!"

In other news, we have bears. Yes, plural. One evening last week, Kevin walked next door. As he approached my parents' house, a gigantic bear emerged from their driveway. Luckily, he had better things to do than pay any attention to Kevin. He just crossed the road and walked into the neighbors' yard. A couple of nights ago, we were sitting on the couch and we heard our garbage can tip over. We turned on the outdoor lights and saw a small bear walking into the woods with a bag of garbage in his paws. Luckily, I have been composting a lot, and there wasn't much of interest in our trash. And now we keep our garbage can in the garage like normal people. And, of course, I couldn't find the camera in time to get documentation of the garbage thief. Maybe next time.

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