Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We Want Dog

Today we had a real houseful. Keenan spent the night last night and was here through dinner tonight. This morning, Kevin picked Diogi up from my brother and sister in-law's house.

That Diogi: he is something else. He is SO not the media's version of a pit bull. He is gentle, sweet, and, well, a scardy cat.

Diogi is absolutely terrified of thunderstorms. If you live here, you will recall that it has been storming today. When Kevin picked Diogi up, he was cowering under Sam and Liz's kitchen table. He had to pull him out and coerce him into the car. He had to physically move him from the car into our yard. Diogi went upstairs to our bedroom, crawled under the desk and shook like a leaf while we tried to calm him down. I finally went next door to get his special medicine.

That's right: Diogi has a prescription of Valium to take during thunderstorms. In fact, the message on the prescription bottle says: "Give Diogi Dog two tablets daily as needed for thunderstorms." Hehehe.

Once his doggie medicine kicked in, he made himself quite comfy on our bed. Which I didn't make today because I was trying to find 5 minutes to change the sheets. Pretty, huh.

After dinner, Dana wanted to take a tub, and Diogi followed her into the bathroom to keep watch from the bathmat. Clearly she loved this idea. Her nickname is the Dog Whisperer because she chases down every single dog at every single opportunity (playground, friends' houses, road) and asks for a pat.

We hope to get a dog someday soon. In the meantine, Ogi is welcome any time.

On another note, my good friend Charity's husband, also named Sam, is going to be on Extreme Home Makeover! The company he works for, Builders Commonwealth, was contacted by ABC to see if they would be the contractors for an episode being filmed locally. Sam will be in charge of materials, and will have about 4 people under him. It's going to be a crazy time! They work 24 hours a day for a full week! They'll knock on the family's door on August 3 and reveal the finished home on August 10. Charity said there is a semi trailer that ABC converted to apartments, and the contractors will sleep there when they need to. Like they won't be going home that week. Check out their website here. Not much up yet because the family is secret until August 3, so check back soon. The episode will air in October or November.

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